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AutoVista - A smoother experience

Date Listed: 17/04/2012

At Blue Print we value your feedback which is why we have given AutoVista – the online technical information service – a makeover and added some useful features; all with the aim of making AutoVista easier to use and even more valuable in your workshop.

List of new features include:

#1-Brand-new tool bar
The registration search has been added directly to the tool bar to speed up the look-up process, simply type in the registration and click ‘Go’! Additionally, the make and model search can now be accessed instantly from the toolbar and the main menu bar has been revamped to clarify the different options available.

#2-A Fresh Start
Enjoy a brand new start page with clearer user information and added help videos, plus the adverts have been given the boot!

#3-How can we help?
Visit the help section to watch all-new “how-to” videos including; ‘How to find vehicle information’ and ‘Navigating the catalogue page’. Quick answers to common questions are also displayed in the help section.

#4-Quicker search results
Now if a search yields only one result you’ll be directed straight to the vehicle’s information – just a little thing that makes all the difference.

#5-Easy login and password recovery
The login has been conveniently moved to the top of the page and an option to retrieve login information is now included, all that’s needed is the email address used to sign up.

Login by clicking the ‘Related Link’ below to experience the new and improved AutoVista.

Happy repairing!

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