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Tesco closes Tesco Cars website

Date Listed: 04/04/2012

Tesco has announced the close of Tesco Cars, just a year after the business launched.

A company statement posted on the website reads: “We started Tesco Cars in good faith and we always aim to do a good job for customers. However, following a review of the business model we and Carsite, our partner, have decided that we cannot offer customers a satisfactory range of vehicles and as a result, have decided it is right to close the business.”

Tesco bought the online car dealership and rebranded the site as Tesco Cars; the site sold second hand vehicles to customers directly and aimed to offer cheaper prices by cutting out the middle man. At the websites launch in April 2011 there were around 3,000 cars being advertised on the site each week, this was thought to continue as Tesco already has a huge loyal customer base, although the site was only selling a reported 150 cars a week by the end of 2011.

Customers will be able to claim refunds on cars they have already ordered through the site; likewise warranties on cars already sold will still be valid through the Warranty Group. A list of FAQ’s for customers have been posted on the Tesco Cars website which can be accessed by clicking the ‘Related Link’

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